Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Richie McCaw

Richie McCaw born 31 december 1980 he is a new zealand rugby union player and is the current test captain of the All Blacks the national country team. He wears the number 7 jersey which position is  openside flanker. He is conceded by many as the greatest openside flanker of all time and he was selected in 2001.

in the recent news Richie McCaw has arrived on the 100th as a captain along the side of his team  mate Brodie Retaick received. In 2006 he was appointed captain  of the All Black who he led to the 2007 world cup and won victory  and led the team to victory in 2011 world cup as well.

Jo May Waipu Artist

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rip Current Explanation

Have you ever been to a beach that has a rip current? If you're not sure what  a rip current is pay attention to this as it may save you or your family’s life.

If you discover discoloured water ( never go towards it if you're scared of going out to the deep blue ocean, when discovered the discoloured water you will see that the waves are not crashing in the area where the rip is formed. The ocean will be rushing out towards the ocean.

A rip current is a movement of water or surface current moving directly away  from the shore. It forms because waves pushes water towards the land and it will find a way back out in the sea. Rip currents can be dangerous to people who are swimming in the water but surfers likes to use the rips so they don't have to paddle over the wave.

A rip current can be identified by noticing water is different coloured or when water is calmed amongst the waves . If you're caught in a rip don't panic try to stand if not lay flat like an starfish  and put your hand up don't wave it. go with it let the rip take you out, it only goes as far as the last wave, swim away from the rip and catch the wave back into shore.