Monday, December 2, 2013

Dapper man Year 7 boys movie

Dapper Mann Year 7 Boys from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Miss king has chose a song for the year seven boys the song that Miss King had chose was Dapper man by Aradna. The year seven boys job was to listen to the song then lip sing it. So we practice our lines then we had started to film once we was finished we put it on vimeo and on our blogs.What I felt about the movie was that it is funny and it was good timing 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What in the world is going on?

The bright sunny light shine in my eyes. As soon I woke up I looked at the time the time was to get out of bed. And go for a shower all I can hear is my mother yelling to my brother say wake up.

Walking to the table with my breakfast ready to eat. After I eat my breakfast I get  my school bag.

Walking to school passing by my friends house I checked if they home. Knock  knock  knock if he not home I keep on walking to school. Arriving at school seeing all my friends do you want to play hand ball they ask.

During the day we do writing reading maths, and inquiry  have morning tea and lunch. After school on Wednesday we go riverside  and when we go it dinner time.

I got some Question for you guys?

1st: Do your school wear school uniform?
2nd: Do you have a favourite subject at work or school?
3nd: Do you like doing testing?
4th: Do you like watching NRL?
5th: Do like playing games?
6th  Do u like work or school?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There was this one day at school, it had been a day like most other days. I Focused really hard on my maths and played hard on the rugby field and Mr Marks hadn’t growled at me all day. But that was about to change.

At 3:00 clock just after the bell went everyone had disappeared home asept Lorenzo, Jesse and Frankie stayed behind without anyone permission.  Jesse had showed us a lighter that he had so  we went to the toilets where room 15 is. Just before that I pulled out my homework paper that I forgot to hand it in

After that Jesse gave the lighter to Frankie wile I was holding the paper. Then we started to burn the paper Frankie had nearly burnt my hand. So then I chucked the paper on the ground and started to stand on it

Then lucky we still had a little bit of paper left so we started to burn it But then a parent walk pass and saw that we was playing with lighter she had then told Mr Marks and then we all got snap

The next day later we went to Mr Burt to sort it out had checked if anything was burnt. Then he talked to our parents But at the end lucky the school was not burnt. And we was all sorry and it wont happen again.a

Monday, October 21, 2013

All I wan't For Christmas

This morning I read a book called all I want for christmas. It was about a girl horse named Misty and a girl named Ella that lived on a farm. Misty was acting sick and Ella and her dad tried so hard to make Misty better.

Ella was feeling really sad as Misty was not getting any better and that Ella thought the worse that Misty was going to die. Then she went to school and she said that day was the worse day ever and she breathed on the bus window and wrote Misty. When she got home Misty didn’t lift her head up to see her.

The next day after school Ella  saw that Misty was not under the tree where she always is, instead Misty was in the middle of a circle of cows. Then as Ella couldn’t go any further she looked closely and saw that Misty had a baby horse.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Literacy Four shot Movie

I am throwing a rugby ball in the air then I pass the ball to Uill. then Uill kicks the ball up in the air then I catch it. But then it a banana.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Americans cup

Hoping that Team New Zealand can come home with the victory against Oracle? After postponing the race because there was not  enough wind, at this moment the score is 6-8 to New Zealand. New Zealand just needs one more race to win and Oracal need three more race’s to win. Do you think they can come home with the victory well I do.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Term 3 highlights

This year my term 3 highlights is about playing for Tamaki Marist club

This year I play for Under 12 Tamaki Marist club our coach name is Robert. our training days are Tuesday and Thursdays and our game days are Saturdays. and I have never mist a game. At the the end of the whole of Tamaki Marist club went to rainbow ends.

One week later on after rainbow ends Saturday 14 September the Marist had prizegiveing. This year was my first time playing Rugby union. But this year I got a trophie for most improve.     

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What If I Could Fly

What if I could fly?

One day I woke up and something seemed strange. It felt like I had wings sticking out of my back.  So then I got up and went to look in the mirror. I couldn’t  believe what I could see with my own eyes! It was  true  that I had  wings so that meant I could fly.

Then I went back to my bed and just sat down. I was thinking what I was going to do.
Then I got back up and went to my drawer and found a super t-shirt that had my name on it. So then I put it on and as soon as I put it on, I went outside and looked to see if there were any people outside. I went to the back yard and tried to fly. I couldn’t believe it when I left the ground and I was up in the air.

As soon as I got up I went back down and went back inside and got some normal black working  clothes on. I went back to the back yard again and I went off flying through the sky  and went to different places.

It would make things easier for me if I could fly to school. That would be the the best day of my life. Also I could save people lives. I could maybe even save the people on a plane if it was about to crash but lucky I would be there to save it.

I went to the Sky Tower and went around it and then I left and went to this place out of nowhere I didn’t know where was I tried my best to find the way back to the sky tower and then when I turned around i could see the sky tower because it was so tall.

When I was flying back I could see these two ladies in trouble I went down and help them get their hand bags back off this man that was trying to rob them I went after him and got it back for the two ladies that were in trouble.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Oobleck Experiment

All of room 21 students did a small  experiment all based on trying to make slimy goo. First got into a small group of students then started. We put half of cup of water and cornflour we had to make sure that it was not watery we wanted it to be slimy. After we mixed the cornflour and water together we added, two to three drops of food colouring to add colour. What I felt about that experiment that it was very simple and it was exciting.

Friday, June 21, 2013


This week our class got to work with Miss Tito And Miss King. Miss King was doing filming and Miss Tito was doing Maori designs and art. I was in Miss king class but I did not like it because filming is not my type. I got in trouble because I din not do anything but next time I will do art with Miss Tito.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Yesterday fourteen year sevens went to soccer down at Sacred Heart in the school vans.  There were six other schools there and I think the hardest team that we versed was Sacred Heart. They were very skilled and they cooperated together very very well. But at the end of the day we all had fun and played hard and we all tried our best. We came third overall.

Friday, May 31, 2013

My smart health goal

My SMART Health goal: is to be fit and run around cross country in a time of 6 or 7 minutes because I can run the cross country in 10mins and 8 seconds.  I want to do this by the end of the term.  

yes we can Time
at end of the term

Children should not eat lollies


These are what kind of lollies you can buy and eat.
Jelly beans,  Bubble gum, chocolate bars like twix mars bar and snickers, lollipops, candy floss, pineapple lumps, chewy lollies and many others.

I think that children should not eat lollies, because they could end up with a bad disease called diabetes. You can get diabetes when  you  eat too many lollies and you can get really really fat too.

Lollies can be cheap but when you eat them they can make kids hyper and it could also affect their behavior. When you get hyper you have very bad behaviour at home or school and you get crazy a little. You get hyped because their too much sugar in lollies and you eat too much of it.

Lollies are very very bad to eat especially when you eat lots. They can also rotten your teeth. Your teeth will get black and they will fall out. Then you   will have to go to the dentist  and waste a lot of your money on your teeth.

If you are sick or when you are sick  by eating lollies it is really really bad. You will miss out on doing fun things with your family and not going to school to learn. Also you could even go to hospital if it got extremely bad.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Report Writing

There are people that eat too much. They eat lot of junk food, sugar, salt, and drink fizzy drinks. They have lack of exercise too. People die young from obesity.

Fact: Did you know that seven hundred and fifty pounds is a lot? That is 350 kilos and weighs over 50 stone. In America they make larger coffins for obese people.

In America they have the fattest people. NZ has the third fattest. Their lifestyle is sedentary, that means they might sit around  and do nothing besides move their arms. They have a bad diet,  have a major health problems, and if they ran for 5 minutes they would be short of breath.

Obese people can get bad diseases. Such as heart attacks, Diabetes, skin diseases, and they can die at an early age.

I suggest obese people should eat less, eat  healthy food and do lot’s of exercise.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What really in our food (Eggs)

Report about Eggs

They put six hens per cage. The cage is on an angle so

that the eggs can roll down. Because if they roll down it will make their job easier. If they don’t roll down it will be hard for them to grab the eggs.

Free range hens live differently to other hens.They get to flap their wings, run around, stretch, and eat grass and chicken feed.

Fact; Did you know that New Zealanders can eat up to 920,000,000 eggs per year?  The eggs come mostly from caged hens.

Fact; Did you know cooked eggs has more protein than raw eggs and the protein is mostly in the yolk.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Holiday Highlights

Every Saturday morning I have to wake up early and get ready for my rugby game. I play for Pt England Marist. In the holidays there was this Saturday when we was vs Papatoetoe. Arriving  at the fields with our team. We warmed up and while we were still warming up there was some bad news. Our coach said Papatoetoe will not make it because they did not have enough players. The good news was we were still going to play but we was vs our own team mate. So our coach split our team in half and then we played.

The whistle blew and my team was kicking. There goes a high ball waiting to be caught. They scored the first try so then we kicked again after 10 minute later it was half-time. Second half has started then my team started scoring try and at the end of the game we have lost but we all had fun but still that was a good game our coach said. After we got changed we got some fruit and a drink.

3 Healthy Sandwiches

3 Healthy sandwiches

Sandwich 1 White Bread with mayo, lettuce. Chicken, and Tomato.

Sandwich 2 Brown bread with bacon, eggs and lettuce.

Sandwich 3 Pita bread with tuna, mayo, tomato and Salt and pepper

On Thursday 9th of May a very famous person from the black eye peas called came to Pt England School. When he told Pt England School he donated one hundred thousand dollars to the Manaiakalani I was so amazed even when I saw him he donated one hundred thousand to Manaiakalani because online work.

When he was talking to Pt England School he was talking about his self and how he grew up and where. He said he grew up without his dad  he lived in East Los Angeles and he said his family was very very poor. After all his talking it was time for the pounamu then the hip hop.

I was looking ford to the hip hop group when they started their dance the music went off so they started again. They were dancing in front of and Pt England school if I was dancing I would of been nervous. When they started dancing I was amazed of their performance at the end of their dance  the special assembly was finished. even got a chance to go to some cases.

What I felt about seeing is it was so cool and amazing and I wish if I could be famous just like Will.iam.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fia-Fia Practice

Last week on Friday the 5th of April we had a Fia Fia practice. Fakalofa Lahi Atu Niuean group one more week into  Fia Fia Mrs Lagitupu and Mrs Lavakula said.

Well I was practicing in my head I thought one more week to go. I need to practice hard because practice practice practice makes perfect. Going through our dance over and over  the Niuean group made a big improvement. After our hard practice Mrs Lagitupu and Mrs Lavakula said that was a really really good practice see you at next practice as the teacher said to the Niuean group

At the end of the practice I felt so relieved that it was over and we really really did good.

Friday, April 5, 2013


There are two ways to celebrate Easter. One way is for peopl
e to remember
what Jesus did for us. The other way is to celebrate with their family and eat lots of chocolate. But what Easter means to my family and I is we celebrate and get Easter eggs, but while we celebrate we still think about Jesus.

On Sunday my family and I went to my aunty’s house to celebrate Easter. We had a Easter hunt and a BBQ but we did the Easter hunt before the BBQ. I was really really  ready for the Easter hunt. I just couldn't wait.

“Go!” my aunty said. I was looking carefully trying to find Easter eggs. I saw with my two good eyes. I saw two Easter eggs. So I ran and got them. At the end of the Easter hunt we all got an extra Easter egg.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Auckland Champs Softball

Yes yes we are going to Auckland Champs  All softball boys said. Waiting painterly in two Pt England  vans  Miss Vaafusuaga and Mr Somerville was driving down to Wesley Intermediate because we was playing there. Arriving at the Wesley intermediate  fields I saw  other schools  already practising.

After putting my bag down I went to get me a glove ready to practice. We had two coach Mr Somerville and Dylan after practising we had to wait to the school to come. Then a lady came and said the school that we was versing  were not coming.

Out threw whole day we had lost all our games the last game. We nearly won but then the siren went off and they was in the lead by one and that how they beat us. We came six out of eight school but two schools did not turn up.

At least we made it this far and we all went and had fun.


Monday, March 25, 2013


Wow school sports coming up Thomas said to his friends he can’t wait to play rugby league. Rugby league is one of his favourite sport so that mean he's definitely going to participate. How bout you Frankie yea courses why not I give a trie  lets go and sign up then.

Frankie and Thomas finishing signing up still chatting away and forgetting about our school work. So Thomas said how bout our school work what about our school work what if we on detention. So they made an agreement to each other why don’t we work hard.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Narrative Old man at the beach

Ben arriving at  the beach solitary figure trudging along the sand bare feet clasping his sandals. Wearing an oversized grey and black coat long brown pants keeping himself warm step by step leaving footprints as he walked along
memories of his flash back when he was a little kid.

As he kept on strolling waves was washing ashore and saw seagulls scavenging the last bit of scrapes. seeing from a long distant he even saw people surfing playing and swimming. walking further and further to the crowed of people he decided he will take a rest.

After a few minutes later he carried on walking along the sand he was not so far from the crowd of the people. The crowd of the people and Ben passing each other with care. Hey Ben Thomas said hey Thomas he replied  what are you doing here Thomas asked taking a walk he said what are you doing just he with my family he said Thomas was a friend of his.

Ben arriving at home exhausted and very relieved about  his long long walk at the beach solitary figure.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Narrative about the picnic


Wow school picnic I said as the teacher brought it up. With excitement me and my friends Frankie and Jonathan was jumping around in class like silly clowns we just can’t wait

The day has come the day that me and my friends have been waiting for the picnic down at the Pt England beach. Classes classes please make your way to the hall now thank you Mr Burt said. Walking to the hall with excitement talking with my friends talking about if we are going to have a swim we all said yes with big smiles.

After Mr Burt talk Pt England student was all strolling down in their lines to the Pt England beach with happiness and good attitude. Then we arrived at the beach there was lot of sports already to play and very helpful parents  that run the games like tea ball, softball, volleyball, and ripper rugby. Off we go to play just remember be careful help others Mr Burt shouted.
Frankie Jonathan and myself waiting patiently to go for a swim so I said why don’t we go play ripper rugby well we wait. We all voted yes that a good idea Frankie and Jonathan said to me. Team five team five make your way to the water if you are swimming Mr Burt said looks like it our turn guys we ran down and went into the water  it was cold but then we got use to it.

Frankie Jonathan time to get out now I shouted we was swimming about for 30 minutes. Frankie said I;m right next too but there was no sight of Jonathan. Looking around there he is drowning shouting help help we have to do something go get help Frankie  and I calls 111.

He was taking long so I knew I had to do something I have a idea I'll save him myself. Swimming going to save Jonathan while I was swimming I heard the ambulance coming. Taking Jonathan back to shore ambulance  arrived taking him to hospital. What took you long Frankie I’ll go call his family tell them what happen. Lucky he is ok because he is one of my best friend and we hang out like we are brothers.

I really had lots of fun at the beach but sadly Jonathan nearly drowned but at least he ok and we still had fun on a overcast day on the 1st of march.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tamaki Tech

Tamaki Tech waiting patiently thinking about what class I'm going too. There was 3 classes food tech hard material and graphics wondering again. Then finally I heard my name get called, Lorenzo Lorenzo can you please stand over  there. So there I was standing in line for waiting  for the teacher to come I was in food tech with my friends.

After that she told the rules if we do not respect and participate we go back to school. So when she finished saying the rules we got straight into cooking we was cooking potato pizza. There were only aloud 3 people per bench I was with Jesse Frankie and me then Jesse went to get our ingredients.

Then it was time for the cooking time Frankie cut the potatoes I cut the onion and Jesse did the cooking. We listen carefully to her steps so we don't be a hind. Smelling the beautiful cooking that Jesse had did all the stem going up just about to put it in my mouth couldn't wait. Then the bit we all been waiting for the eating part then we went back to school so I said to myself that was delicious yummy.

I really like food tech it was cool and interesting and you learn how to cook like a pro when you grow up.

Touch Rugby

Kevin the touch rugby coach was teaching us new techniques and explaining how to play. Everyone was excited and wanted to play but Kevin did not say the rules yet. These rules were completely different the rules where you are able to do ford passes like Gridiron and you only get two touches.

Finally room 21 got a chance to play touch rugby sport. First Kevin put us into four equal groups. Before we played a game we learned a new drill. It called draw and pass. Draw and pass is one of the easiest ways to score a try.

After the drill was finished, we played a game. How you play this game is. Kevin will call 3 defenders and 4 attackers and the attackers will try to score a try by draw an pass. Once we finished we went back to class.

I think touch rugby is it is cool and fun to play with your friends and family because it a easy sport to play and not to ruff.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fiafia assembly 2013

Last week on the 15th of February we had a FiaFia assembly in the hall. It was the bomb. There were funny dances, good singers and drummers. There were other things, like when Kingston tried his best to blow the conch shell and he did well.                                                   

After that it was time for the drummers Levi, Lave, and Tana. Before they started I saw Mr Barks go up on the stage and then the drummers started drumming and Mr Barks was doing a funny and crazy dance. I like that performance but then I heard that it was time for the singers. I knew that it was going to be a good performance.

When Uili started singing ‘I believe’ I was like “wow where did he learn how to sing like that?”. I wish I could sing like that. I supposed that Henry and Hosanna was good too. Then Ms M said "give it up for the singers one more time".

Then it was time for the junior ballerinas dance. I thought that it was good. Then the dragon, unicycle and after that  Saadiya and Dhara did their Indian dance and that was the end of the Fia-Fia assembly.

What I think about the Fia-Fia assembly that happened last week was that it there were very funny and good performances.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Santa Forget To Wake Up

There was 2 little kid waiting for Santa on Christmas eve they tried there best to stay awake. But there was something strange Santa never came. Santa was at home snoring away forgetting about the kids presents.