Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facts about Cockroaches

Cockroaches can live without a head for a week.

Did you know Cockroaches can hold their breath up to 40 minutes? 

They could also lay more baby then a human can.  

Also they where  out when the dinosaurs was out.

They can live without food for a mouth.

Cockroaches eats bread crumbs. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry night painting is one of his famous painting before he died. He painted Starry Starry night in 1889 his name was Vincent Van Gogh.

The main colour in Starry Starry Night painting  is blue, but yellow makes some objects  stand out. On top of his painting Van Gogh used bright colours and on the bottom of his painting he used dark colours, apart from the light in the village windows.

In the foreground is the curving cypress tree and a small dark peaceful village.  The steeple is pointey like the  crunch. The cypress tree is the main thing that is in the Starry Starry night painting. That’s why it is in the foreground

What I think about Vincent Van Gogh painting. I think that he is very very cool and interesting. Because he uses lots of paint and I like using lots of paint on my art.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the holidays I went to the kiwis game with my auntie brother and my tow cousin. I just couldn’t wait because I was excited to watch the game for real life because I never watch a rugby league

When we arrived at Eden park it was packed with lots of people. So we had to stay together so no one don’t get lost.Once we checked that everyone was here we went to find where we sit
I just wanted to run to our set but I couldn’t because it is dangerous.

The game was starting in five minutes so we sat down and waited for the game to start. When it was kick off I was cheering  for the Kiwis but the Kiwis never got the first  try the team that was vs the Kiwis got the first try.

After the Kiwis kick the ball their whole team chased. The other team lost the ball and they had a chance to get a try. So they did get a try.

Once it was half time we went for a toilet break. The second half was about to start. we went to our set where we sat down in our same place.

So I was cheering again for the Kiwis but they had no luck. There was 10 more minutes to the game finishes at the end the Kiwis lost never mind next time the Kiwis would win.

Van Gogh

Do you know some things about Vincent Van Gogh?

Well I know little bit of him because I been learning about Vincent Van Gogh for the last two weeks at school.

Vincent Van Gogh is a really really famous  guy for his artwork. Because he sold one painting of his for 4 million dollars that why he is famous.

Vincent Van Gogh had a sad life. Did you know he chopped his ear off to give it to his girlfriend. But his girlfriend did not like it. Would you chopped your ear off and give it to your girlfriend.

What I think about of Vincent Van Goghs life  it is very very sad. Because chopped his ear.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marking My Paragraph

This bright yellow painting of sunflowers was painted by Vincent Van Gogh It was about 73 to 92 centimeters  big. It was well known in 1888 and it was painted with oil paint.

The lines on Vincent Van Gogh painting was very very  thick and bold not normal lines. So he had to spend lots of money on paint. That’s mean he was starving because he no money  to buy food.

The way that I think of Vincent Van Goghs painting of sunflowers is it is very bright and happy for people around the world. When I look at it it reminds me of happiness and bright colors. What I don’t like  about his painting is the paint is very very thick and bumpy.

I think he never painted the sunflowers for fun. He painted the sunflowers for his friend that was coming over and his name was Paul Gauguin. Because
his walls looked  empty so he decided to decorate and draw sunflowers that’s why I think he drawn the sunflowers.

What I think about Vincent Van Gogh's artwork. I think it looks amazing and cool so that what I think about Vincent Van Gogh artwork.