Monday, December 1, 2014


A good friend or even your best friend will always be there for you, caring, kind and trustworthy. They will never lie to you or even back stab give you thing that you haven't got. Invite you to there house and they will always have your back like if you're in trouble they will help you,

At some point  your best friend will betray you  they will  lie maybe they will even  tell your deepest secrets to your worst enemy. Maybe they will start being critical about everything you do. Plus never rely on only one person they can also let you down sometimes. Sure you'll  probably make up but will it ever be the same.

Not likely of course some friendship will last forever if you're in one of those precious friendship. Hold on to your friendship forever and ever.She or he is definitely one worth keeping. Never in life trust or depend on only 1 friend

Future Aspiration

The 5 intermediate classes came in the street and sat down. Mr Burt introduced us Mr Andrew Patterson , and four other seminars. Mr Patterson played a video about this boy named Iavana Seuala. He did a speech in the education festival , He talked about striving to succeed.

Our first speaker was Mr Anthony Samuels , He talked about his life when he use to be in the show What Now it was really interesting. He gave us a  Korero To miharo hoki it means you are amazing and said Never let the past determine your future. He played a video about famous people who never let their past determine their future.

Our second speaker was Paula Fakalata , His life of a school boy was really inspiring and funny. He was a great swimmer in Glen Innes intermediate because he was tallest for his age and the pool was shallow for him so everytime he gets tired he can run underwater. Everyone called him secret weapon. One time when their team into a swimming competition he entered the aquatic center  all he thought was winning. But when he entered the water  he started to swim a few seconds later all of them were so Paula tried to stand but he couldn't it was too deep. He felt embarrassed when he came out of the pool. His message to us was to don't think you can't do it you don't try.

Then it was the last one Her name was Amelia Unufe. She talked about how she became a fashion designer. She was in university and kids her class knew her they said to her ‘’ You're not  gonna get a good future” because of her brother seted a bad reputation for her family

Amelia, paula and anthony  after talking about their future aspiration. They talked about there future so we can have a good future and  succeed in life

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Richie McCaw

Richie McCaw born 31 december 1980 he is a new zealand rugby union player and is the current test captain of the All Blacks the national country team. He wears the number 7 jersey which position is  openside flanker. He is conceded by many as the greatest openside flanker of all time and he was selected in 2001.

in the recent news Richie McCaw has arrived on the 100th as a captain along the side of his team  mate Brodie Retaick received. In 2006 he was appointed captain  of the All Black who he led to the 2007 world cup and won victory  and led the team to victory in 2011 world cup as well.

Jo May Waipu Artist

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rip Current Explanation

Have you ever been to a beach that has a rip current? If you're not sure what  a rip current is pay attention to this as it may save you or your family’s life.

If you discover discoloured water ( never go towards it if you're scared of going out to the deep blue ocean, when discovered the discoloured water you will see that the waves are not crashing in the area where the rip is formed. The ocean will be rushing out towards the ocean.

A rip current is a movement of water or surface current moving directly away  from the shore. It forms because waves pushes water towards the land and it will find a way back out in the sea. Rip currents can be dangerous to people who are swimming in the water but surfers likes to use the rips so they don't have to paddle over the wave.

A rip current can be identified by noticing water is different coloured or when water is calmed amongst the waves . If you're caught in a rip don't panic try to stand if not lay flat like an starfish  and put your hand up don't wave it. go with it let the rip take you out, it only goes as far as the last wave, swim away from the rip and catch the wave back into shore.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Immersion Assembly

Entering the hall to immersion assembly I sat down watching performance after performance. I hoped that I was going to enjoy team 4 or 5 performance Welcome onto the stage, give it up for  team five.  As they were walking onto the stage they knew that they had to entertained the students. They Pulled out the noticed board and started painting as fast as they could. As I saw them painting they were steady strokes  blobs and dabbed.

When they finished painting i did not know what they had painted because it was up side down. Then they turn the pitcher around and it was a pitcher of Mr Jacobson, Mrs Jarlman and Mr Burt. They even drew the pitcher upside down I thought that was cool and the art work.  

Watching team 5s performance was really fun. My favourite painting was Mrs Jarlman because it looked skillfully painted and really effective.As team 5s performance came to an end. Mr Burt wanted to say a prayer.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

La Luna

One peaceful night the sky was illuminated by the stars which was shining and shimmering looking at the reflection of the stars glistening the water. glowing brightly  the night sky had a purple hue while the moon was about to rise.

Paddle after paddle the surface went blurry and ripples in the water was spreading in all direction. Little boy sitting peering daydreaming and looked confused.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Amanda Billings

Sarah Potts is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland street who was portrayed by Amanda Billings. From her first appearance on shortland street in September 2004 until the characters on screen death in August 2014.

The character of Sarah has seen high  for the show and Billing's acting. She has been nominated and won multiple awards including a nomination in the New Zealand Television Shortland st


Main Bedroom:  
2 extra bedrooms
Dining Room


Kabbadi is a contact sports that is based on wrestling  that originally comes from India in Sanskrit. Kabbadi is he came of attack and defence also it is played among the youth of Pakistan it was played 4000 years ago and still played in these days. It is literally mean holding hands.

Skills needed for this game is agility, aggression, speed, But most importantly you need strength. It is played by two team which contain seven players and played on rectangular field or court.

This is how you play the game as the raider shouts, the raider wrestling  opponents. People who are attacked can catch the raider in their side. If they catch the raider can get back to his/her side, the number of tackles will be the point of the raider's team. Then change the team which attacks and repeat the same thing again and again for 15 to 20 minutes and at the end of the game who ever has the most points wins.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ki O Rahi

kI O RAHI is a traditional ball game played and made by the Maori. It is a game that uses strength, strategy, accuracy and speed . Made up of a combination with different elements of other sport.

They play on large team game played between 2 teams which holds seven people per team, kioma and taniwha on a large circular field. Objective of the game is to have fun and score the opposition Kioma  score by touching pou and Taniwha score by hitting the tupu.

Rules of the game  no head-high tackles, punching or kicking, ruck and maul for the ball from the player with possession. If playing ripper rugby and If the attacking player gets ripped they have 3-5 seconds to pass the ball.

The legend is based Rahitutakahina and the rescue of his wife Tiarakurapakewai is why they made the game to make peace. The seven pou represents the stars of matariki.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Walking into the hall we sat down and  I saw five fierce warriors Who was going to perform for us. Introducing their names they shouted ‘kia ora then we shouted excitedly kia ora back. Then they started to perform.
A  slow sound started to play.  When they started to perform they were  strong and performing with  pride. Then started to sing they had powerful voices and sang perfectly in pitch harmonies. when they was  singing  i started to laugh because lucky had funny facial expression it was because he was cross eyes.

Jerome Kaino

Jerome  Kaino was born 6th April 1983 and went school at Papakura high school and Saints Kentigern. He is a Samoan professional rugby union player who play for the blues and also play internationally for the All Blacks.

In 2004 he made his début Auckland and in 2006 he made his début for the blues. In 2012 he was announced that he was leaving the blues to play for the Japanese club for a two year deal.

Possum Poles

This graph shows that Peta possum climbs 6 meters in one minute rest for 2 minute and then climb another 6 meters and then rest for another 2 minutes.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a jamaican sprinter who is widely known as the fastest person ever. He is the first man who has held the world record for both 100 meters and 200 meters. His fastest record for 100 meters is 9.58 and 200 meters is 19.19 that will be hard to beat for anyone. Did you know usain bolt was also the first man to win six gold medals in the Olympics and awarded of the year.

He completed his medals collection  in the 2014 commonwealth games winning the 100m relay. he decided to retire saying that this is his first and last appearance in the commonwealth games. He might be missing out for the Gold Coast commonwealth games but he will still be known as the fastest man ever.


Getting into their position the players were focus  the whistle blew then the oppnents,
kick the ball. Whacking the opponents getting a chance to throw the ball to the te tupu. Clutched the ball the player leap up like a frog and threw a  effective  throw to the te tupu and scored.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Stan Walker

Stan Walker is a New Zealand singer who just released his new album Aotearoa. It was for the Maori language week it was ft Ria Hall, Troy Kingi and Maisey Rika. It was also a huge hit and his life was success

He started his career in 2009 born in Australia on 23 October 1990. His first album that was released was black box. On 6 of November 2012 Stan walker was announced that he was going to be a judge. For the New Zealand X Factor in 2013. He also made the acting of the lead role of New Zealand film Mt Zion


With no reluctance, the diver balanced herself steadily on the edge of the platform. Getting ready to attempt her dive, she had a concentrated look on her face, The crowd was quiet and she was focused on only her jump. She leapt off with great might and started with a mid air piked somersault, followed by a twist. She plunged into the water entering as straight as a nail.  

Diving is a sport of jumping off a platform or simply falling into the water or a launching yourself off a  springboard while performing acrobatics Diving is internationally identified as a aquatic sport in the Olympics. This sport one of the most popular olympic sports with spectators. Most common |competitors require the same characteristics as gymnasts and dancers including strength and flexibility. Some professional divers were originally dancers or gymnasts.

In 1904 diving was introduced into the Olympics. Later on they  then added in ‘Fancy Diving’” (more complicated manoeuvres) Most diving competitions consist of 1m or 3m springboard dives as well as a 10m platform dive  but in the olympic games 1m diving are not a part of the sport. All contestants have to perform a set number of dives according to the requirements.

When jumping off either the springboard or platform, the competitors will have to keep their feet always together, When judging the judge, they brake the judging into 3 parts which are 1:Take off(jumping off the platform) 2:Flight(The maneuvers pulled off in the air) 3:Entry(The amount of splash). The entry cannot have a big splash or they will be out.
Each contestant has to perform

Ben Lam

Fish Sticks

5 fish=32
10 fish=64
gusse how much sticks is 20 fishers.



Walking to the court looking forward to our new kiwi sports. arriving at the court i saw soccer balls which made me think our new kiwi sport is soccer. The soccer teacher said her name was Sophia and she was from Argentina she said to us with a croaky voice “ Sit down we are getting started with  our first lesson”, she sounded like Manu from Mkr because her english was not good.

Warming up with a game she handed out yellow and blue bibs out to half of the class and tuck them on the side of there shorts. The people with no bibs have to try and take the bibs off the people that do have bibs.

Running  around the court protecting my bib finally someone took my bib i was puffing deeply. quickly ran to get me a bib finally the whistle was blown and i did not have any bibs.

Friday, June 13, 2014

All Blacks

Did you know that the mighty all black are going to challenge  Manu Samoa? They are also playing at the pacific and the all blacks have never played an official test match at Samoa home ground. 

Also the all black  have never visited the beautiful Samoa of 90’s year of history. Supporter of the rugby team 93 percent of those has voted  that the all blacks should play at the beautiful Samoa. All Black started back in  1893.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Samoan launuge week

Entering the hall i saw a sign across the stage saying “Taufu mau i au measina. I wondered to myself what does it mean. The school was in the hall for the launch of samoan language week Guess who was their?  Sam The minister of parliament to launch the samoan language week

Announcing that school was going to sing three National Anthem English, Maori and the Samoan I was surprised. following the words i was struggling to sing the samoan national anthem

Walking onto the stage looking proud was the samoan pre schoolers to perform. The boys wa wearing vibrant puletasi and the boys was wearing --------------  they had patterns flower and some had feather. Some of the kids was stage fright and some was confident they was also all entertaining.  After their performance it was time for the Pt England samoan group I knew they was going to be exciting to watch.

Clapping with excitement the performance started to begin. it was a strong start to the end. My best part of the samoan group was when the boys did the samoan haka it was loud they was  confident and really exciting to watch.

Parts of violines

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Englands great Jonny Wilkinson will retire from rugby at the end of the season. Capping an illustrious 17 year career in which he kicked the winning drop goal in the 2003 world cup final to become one of his country treasured sportsmen.

He was born 1979 may 25 now he is an age of 35 the position he played for the england was fly-half on the website of his French club Toulon today,five days before its defense of the heineken Cup title against  Saracens in Cardiff.



Shivering while waking up to a freezing morning. No time for breakfast so quickly get changed and rushed out the door. It was foggy, also my feet and fingers were numb. Briskly walking my teeth chattering and tummy rumbling. As i was walking i notice the the grass was frozen.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

What makes sound

A world without sound would be very strange and silent.We wouldn't be able to enjoy music and people will find it difficult to communicate it would  be boring.Sound helps us in many different ways. But what is sound?

Hitting an object makes an echoing sound which will ricochet off the object. This vibration is what makes the sound. It vibrates the air  molecule in all directions then travels into the ear. Once it reaches the eardrum it vibrates and changes into electric signal. Then sends the electric signal to the brain.

When sound is a low pitch sound how does it changes to an high pitch sound. So when the sound wave vibrates slow that is an pitch low sound and when it vibrates fast it is an high pitch sound. Frequency to measure sound herz sound wave second.

Sound is an important thing to our body and it will be sad to live without sound

Steven Adams

Steven Adams is an famous person for playing basketball The team that he play for it OKC THUNDERS.He is also is the brother of another famous star which is Valerie Adams. He was born 20 july 1993.

During college he was playing basketball for the Pittsburgh Panthers. He was so good that he got selected to trial out for the OKC thunders. After trialing Steven adams got to play for the international NBA OKC. His position he played was centre.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Topic For This Term

Walking into assembly i could see teacher in costume Every term the teacher do an act or make movie to do with the topic. The topic this term is i like to move it, move it but team five is focusing on sounds.

I really enjoyed and was exciting was when they  tied 16 balloons to an taxi car toy and then it when up onto the hall roof. So they had exspirence how many balloons it will take a toy taxi car to go up into the air. Also i liked the team 5 because they made their own instruments and it sounded cool.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia

All groups were sitting patiently waiting to go up, group after group performing  we all waited for our turn. Crowds clapping and yelling for their kids there were over 2,000 people who attended to watch the event, Spectating with adults upto the age of 70 and some kids from different schools

Getting closer two more groups until the Niuean group. Standing up going to wait on the side of the stage after the jump jam performance it was time for us. 

"From the small oceans in the pacific  the Niuean bring the heart and soul to  the stage."

The music started for our entrance I was the leader so then I had to run first into the middle of the stage then the rest of the boys came on. When I was on the stage I could hear people YELLING and  CHEERING. Then the conch shell was blown.Then I did the lead.

We started first we did the hopo, the girls did their dance and all the boys ended it with the haka also I was leading. After the performance we all was confidence and did our best and we felt proud of ourselves  and also our parents.

What I felt about fia fia that everybody had fun and did their best and made their parents proud of them.

Monday, February 17, 2014


The British arrived in  NZ. At that time Maori were living there and with chiefs there were about 200,000 Maori of them. After that the British stayed there for a while because they wanted to start a new life in NZ.

So they made a treaty between the Maori and the British. It was a contract that they would share land and have peace. A couple of days it was written Maori and English  gathered at Waitangi bay of island people and chiefs getting ready to sign the treaty.

On the 6th of February 1840 the treaty was signed.The treaty agreement or contact was to make peace between Maori and English and Europeans as well wanting land.