Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Weekend

Wow what day at the pools. On Sunday I went to the pools with my auntie and my two cousin. Don’t get me started when I when we got there. I walked in and saw lots of kids having fun.

I wanted to jump in but I had to go to toilets and get change then I could jump in. So I quickly got change and walked to the out side pool as fast as I could.

When I jumped in it was freezing cold but I got use to it. I started to swim and I was racing my cousin but he won. After a couple of hours we got out and got ready to leave.

I felt happy at the end After a day at the pool.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My goal for Maths

My goal for maths is to learn is 5,6, time tables.
By the end of the week I hope I will archive it.
Some ways that you could learn it is practice keep on repeating it and write it down and give it to someone for them to tell you a question and you say the answer.

Piri and the Tekoteko

1.What do tekoteko do, It is there to protect the people and scare the bad people away.
2.What is it,It is a big block of wood that is carved figure.
3.Where can find Tekoteko, you could find tekoteko on top of maraes

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning

1.On Monday morning I didn't want to wake up. Because I was so tied that I couldn’t wake up. So my brother thew a pillow at me and I quickly got up and got ready

2.Today I never had a good morning. Because I was so tied that I couldn't get up. so my dad came and took the blanket off me and yelled at me get up.

3.This morning I was so tied. That my mum had to come and wake me up at 7-30 but I said 10 more minutes. No get up now she yelled so I quickly got up and got ready for school.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I like Ice blocks
But I don’t like brain freeze

I like my bedroom
But I don’t like cleaning It

I like eating
But I don’t like dishes

I like cups of teas
But I don’t like it hot

I like mountains
But I don’t like falling

I like rugby
But I don’t like tackling

I like drawing
But I don’t like doing colouring in

I like winning
But I don’t like losing

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to find legal images

1. Frist you tyep your key word in Google.

2. After you go to images.

3.Next you go to Advanced search.

4.Then you go Only images labeled for reuse.

My holiday

In the holidays I went to the pools. When I was packing my bag for the pools. I was hoping some of my friends was at the pool. When I got there I saw one of my friends that was Howard.

Then I said to him I go and get ready and hoped in. After that I started to think is a other friend of mine is coming. After a few minutes Antonio came with his big brother.

When he came in we started to have fun. Next we had an stack. Then we played for a copley of hours then walked home.

I felt happy because I had fun.


This is a trolley made of junk. I have been reading this story in a journal.