Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Every Wednesday we go to the hall to play basketball with room fourteen. We learn skills about passing the ball, dribbling the ball and shooting the ball. After that we had a game of basketball. In my team was Howard, Neo, Minhje, Kore lee and me. My team was against Frankie’s team. Mr Marks threw the ball up and me and Frankie jumped up and tried to hit the ball to our team mates. Frankie’s team had the ball first. Frankie’s team was dribbling the ball and passing the ball. When they passed the ball to Frankie he shot the ball and got a goal.
When Mr Marks threw the ball up again. Frankie and I jumped up and tried to hit the ball to our team mates. This time my team had the the ball. Neo, had the ball in our team. he passed the ball to me. I passed it to Howard and this time Howard shot it and got a goal. Sadly the bell rang and it was a draw. I felt happy because everyone had fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


On Monday two weeks ago at 1 o clock we went swimming with room seventeen. One of the kids in room seventeen was guarding the crossing button while everyone went passed. When I was walking I heard rustling plastic bags. We got to the pools and I went through the door and smelt chlorine. I saw room 14 and 16 swimming in the big pool. First I got changed into my togs and got into the pool. Miss Garden told us to swim to the other side of the pool and I could touch the bottom of the pool. After that we did backstroke which I can’t do and diving and got out of the pool and got changed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My holidays

On the first week of my holiday I stayed home with my mum dad and my brother and it was boring. My other two brothers went t my cousins house for the week.
On the second week I had much more fun. We went to the park with my mum, dad and my brother, it was awesome. On Friday my aunty took us to the mall to have dinner. But the best, best, best thing that I did was when we went to the movies. We saw ‘Fast and Furious Five’. I had never been to the movies before, I thought it was great and better than watching movies at home.