Monday, December 1, 2014


A good friend or even your best friend will always be there for you, caring, kind and trustworthy. They will never lie to you or even back stab give you thing that you haven't got. Invite you to there house and they will always have your back like if you're in trouble they will help you,

At some point  your best friend will betray you  they will  lie maybe they will even  tell your deepest secrets to your worst enemy. Maybe they will start being critical about everything you do. Plus never rely on only one person they can also let you down sometimes. Sure you'll  probably make up but will it ever be the same.

Not likely of course some friendship will last forever if you're in one of those precious friendship. Hold on to your friendship forever and ever.She or he is definitely one worth keeping. Never in life trust or depend on only 1 friend

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