Friday, September 21, 2012

Mini Olympic

On Thursday we had a mini Olympic day there was 16 countries and 7 events and I was in Spain. It was the most exciting  day and as you know our topic this term is go for gold. When I saw the 7 events I wanted to just run to an event but we had to watch out for the little kids.

The first event that spain went to was the ultimate frisbee. we won the game but we all had fun next we went to touch we was versing Sweden we have won that game too after touch we went to rounders with Miss Garden. if you do not know how to play rounders it is sort of like softball but you are kicking. After that we had morning tea once we finished the day we all went back to class. My favourite event was  sitting volleyball.

At the end It was an funday. People likes to win but it does not matter if you lose it matter if you  joined in the game and go for gold and have fun.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jake At The Beach

When Jake  was walking down to the Pt England beach with his little brother he decided to have and swim. Mr Burt said never to go to the beach by yourself but if you have an adult watching you then it is ok. But Jake said I know how to swim  I had swimming lesson so I don’t need an adult.

Jake dived into the water and James the little brother was following and he said go over to shallows this is too deep for you so James went where Jake told him to go. But all of a sudden he forgot about James when he looked back he was gone. So he rushed out of the water trying to look for him. There he goes drowning in the water and he knew he had to do something.

So Jake knew he could not do this on his own so he ran to get help. He yelled help help to the people that was having a picnic they ran over and said what happen my little brother is in trouble can you help me save him? They replied yes where is he so the random man jumped into the water going to save him. He swam to James and put him on his back and swam back to the bank. They took James to the hospital  and when he woke up he said where am I Jake said you are at the hospital I will call mum to come down.

Jake said that was the last time  that he was going down to the beach on his own. He said I should of listen to Mr Burt.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry

In today's assembly Mrs Verry  has been  here for year's and  has been Mr Burt's friend. But at this point Mrs Verry is retiring from Pt England school, She is having a operation on her leg. She was kind and helpful to other people  and she was always smiling. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making A Box

Step 1: Get a paper and fold the paper from the bottom to top and then unfold it. Then you get the sides of the paper and fold it to the other side once you did that you unfold it.

Step 2: Next you grab the long edges and fold them to the middle then unfold them again.

Step 3:  Fold both  short edges of the sides and fold it to the middle and leave it there.

Step 4: Fold all the corners to the nearest crease and leave them there

Step 5:  Fold back the edges to it can cover the corners. 

Step 6: Now you put a finger in the middle and pull it gently outwards. 

Step 7: Pinch the corner and smooth it along the sides to make them stand upright 

Step 8: Once you did that you can decorate it like I did. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rugby Tournament

On Friday we went to the Pt England Reserve for our rugby tournament. Miss Vavusuanga  took 4 teams down to Pt England Reserve ripper rugby girls, 2 under 50 kg team, and 1 over 50kg team and I was in the overs 50kg team.

Our 1st game was against Sylvia park and they was kicking off to us. When they kicked off someone  in our team court the ball and took the first hit up. Sylvia park was in the lead they was winning by 3 tries and we had 0   then it was halftime. This time it was our kick I was the kicker for our team I kicked it and it went dead so we had a scrum and it was there ball. When it came out of the scrum our team members  tackled him and we got the ball back and I got the last trie for the rugby game then we said our cheers.

After two  rugby game we went and had lunch we had to try and not eat heaps because our game was after the unders game. When we finish eating we went to support the unders they have not lost a game so far. Then it was our turn it was our 3rd game  against  St Pires.

What I think about friday is  that we had lost all our games but at least we got out of our class and had a really really fun day.