Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Auckland Champs Softball

Yes yes we are going to Auckland Champs  All softball boys said. Waiting painterly in two Pt England  vans  Miss Vaafusuaga and Mr Somerville was driving down to Wesley Intermediate because we was playing there. Arriving at the Wesley intermediate  fields I saw  other schools  already practising.

After putting my bag down I went to get me a glove ready to practice. We had two coach Mr Somerville and Dylan after practising we had to wait to the school to come. Then a lady came and said the school that we was versing  were not coming.

Out threw whole day we had lost all our games the last game. We nearly won but then the siren went off and they was in the lead by one and that how they beat us. We came six out of eight school but two schools did not turn up.

At least we made it this far and we all went and had fun.


Monday, March 25, 2013


Wow school sports coming up Thomas said to his friends he can’t wait to play rugby league. Rugby league is one of his favourite sport so that mean he's definitely going to participate. How bout you Frankie yea courses why not I give a trie  lets go and sign up then.

Frankie and Thomas finishing signing up still chatting away and forgetting about our school work. So Thomas said how bout our school work what about our school work what if we on detention. So they made an agreement to each other why don’t we work hard.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Narrative Old man at the beach

Ben arriving at  the beach solitary figure trudging along the sand bare feet clasping his sandals. Wearing an oversized grey and black coat long brown pants keeping himself warm step by step leaving footprints as he walked along
memories of his flash back when he was a little kid.

As he kept on strolling waves was washing ashore and saw seagulls scavenging the last bit of scrapes. seeing from a long distant he even saw people surfing playing and swimming. walking further and further to the crowed of people he decided he will take a rest.

After a few minutes later he carried on walking along the sand he was not so far from the crowd of the people. The crowd of the people and Ben passing each other with care. Hey Ben Thomas said hey Thomas he replied  what are you doing here Thomas asked taking a walk he said what are you doing just he with my family he said Thomas was a friend of his.

Ben arriving at home exhausted and very relieved about  his long long walk at the beach solitary figure.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Narrative about the picnic


Wow school picnic I said as the teacher brought it up. With excitement me and my friends Frankie and Jonathan was jumping around in class like silly clowns we just can’t wait

The day has come the day that me and my friends have been waiting for the picnic down at the Pt England beach. Classes classes please make your way to the hall now thank you Mr Burt said. Walking to the hall with excitement talking with my friends talking about if we are going to have a swim we all said yes with big smiles.

After Mr Burt talk Pt England student was all strolling down in their lines to the Pt England beach with happiness and good attitude. Then we arrived at the beach there was lot of sports already to play and very helpful parents  that run the games like tea ball, softball, volleyball, and ripper rugby. Off we go to play just remember be careful help others Mr Burt shouted.
Frankie Jonathan and myself waiting patiently to go for a swim so I said why don’t we go play ripper rugby well we wait. We all voted yes that a good idea Frankie and Jonathan said to me. Team five team five make your way to the water if you are swimming Mr Burt said looks like it our turn guys we ran down and went into the water  it was cold but then we got use to it.

Frankie Jonathan time to get out now I shouted we was swimming about for 30 minutes. Frankie said I;m right next too but there was no sight of Jonathan. Looking around there he is drowning shouting help help we have to do something go get help Frankie  and I calls 111.

He was taking long so I knew I had to do something I have a idea I'll save him myself. Swimming going to save Jonathan while I was swimming I heard the ambulance coming. Taking Jonathan back to shore ambulance  arrived taking him to hospital. What took you long Frankie I’ll go call his family tell them what happen. Lucky he is ok because he is one of my best friend and we hang out like we are brothers.

I really had lots of fun at the beach but sadly Jonathan nearly drowned but at least he ok and we still had fun on a overcast day on the 1st of march.