Monday, December 1, 2014

Future Aspiration

The 5 intermediate classes came in the street and sat down. Mr Burt introduced us Mr Andrew Patterson , and four other seminars. Mr Patterson played a video about this boy named Iavana Seuala. He did a speech in the education festival , He talked about striving to succeed.

Our first speaker was Mr Anthony Samuels , He talked about his life when he use to be in the show What Now it was really interesting. He gave us a  Korero To miharo hoki it means you are amazing and said Never let the past determine your future. He played a video about famous people who never let their past determine their future.

Our second speaker was Paula Fakalata , His life of a school boy was really inspiring and funny. He was a great swimmer in Glen Innes intermediate because he was tallest for his age and the pool was shallow for him so everytime he gets tired he can run underwater. Everyone called him secret weapon. One time when their team into a swimming competition he entered the aquatic center  all he thought was winning. But when he entered the water  he started to swim a few seconds later all of them were so Paula tried to stand but he couldn't it was too deep. He felt embarrassed when he came out of the pool. His message to us was to don't think you can't do it you don't try.

Then it was the last one Her name was Amelia Unufe. She talked about how she became a fashion designer. She was in university and kids her class knew her they said to her ‘’ You're not  gonna get a good future” because of her brother seted a bad reputation for her family

Amelia, paula and anthony  after talking about their future aspiration. They talked about there future so we can have a good future and  succeed in life

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