Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tamaki Tech

Tamaki Tech waiting patiently thinking about what class I'm going too. There was 3 classes food tech hard material and graphics wondering again. Then finally I heard my name get called, Lorenzo Lorenzo can you please stand over  there. So there I was standing in line for waiting  for the teacher to come I was in food tech with my friends.

After that she told the rules if we do not respect and participate we go back to school. So when she finished saying the rules we got straight into cooking we was cooking potato pizza. There were only aloud 3 people per bench I was with Jesse Frankie and me then Jesse went to get our ingredients.

Then it was time for the cooking time Frankie cut the potatoes I cut the onion and Jesse did the cooking. We listen carefully to her steps so we don't be a hind. Smelling the beautiful cooking that Jesse had did all the stem going up just about to put it in my mouth couldn't wait. Then the bit we all been waiting for the eating part then we went back to school so I said to myself that was delicious yummy.

I really like food tech it was cool and interesting and you learn how to cook like a pro when you grow up.

Touch Rugby

Kevin the touch rugby coach was teaching us new techniques and explaining how to play. Everyone was excited and wanted to play but Kevin did not say the rules yet. These rules were completely different the rules where you are able to do ford passes like Gridiron and you only get two touches.

Finally room 21 got a chance to play touch rugby sport. First Kevin put us into four equal groups. Before we played a game we learned a new drill. It called draw and pass. Draw and pass is one of the easiest ways to score a try.

After the drill was finished, we played a game. How you play this game is. Kevin will call 3 defenders and 4 attackers and the attackers will try to score a try by draw an pass. Once we finished we went back to class.

I think touch rugby is it is cool and fun to play with your friends and family because it a easy sport to play and not to ruff.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fiafia assembly 2013

Last week on the 15th of February we had a FiaFia assembly in the hall. It was the bomb. There were funny dances, good singers and drummers. There were other things, like when Kingston tried his best to blow the conch shell and he did well.                                                   

After that it was time for the drummers Levi, Lave, and Tana. Before they started I saw Mr Barks go up on the stage and then the drummers started drumming and Mr Barks was doing a funny and crazy dance. I like that performance but then I heard that it was time for the singers. I knew that it was going to be a good performance.

When Uili started singing ‘I believe’ I was like “wow where did he learn how to sing like that?”. I wish I could sing like that. I supposed that Henry and Hosanna was good too. Then Ms M said "give it up for the singers one more time".

Then it was time for the junior ballerinas dance. I thought that it was good. Then the dragon, unicycle and after that  Saadiya and Dhara did their Indian dance and that was the end of the Fia-Fia assembly.

What I think about the Fia-Fia assembly that happened last week was that it there were very funny and good performances.