Friday, May 31, 2013

My smart health goal

My SMART Health goal: is to be fit and run around cross country in a time of 6 or 7 minutes because I can run the cross country in 10mins and 8 seconds.  I want to do this by the end of the term.  

yes we can Time
at end of the term

Children should not eat lollies


These are what kind of lollies you can buy and eat.
Jelly beans,  Bubble gum, chocolate bars like twix mars bar and snickers, lollipops, candy floss, pineapple lumps, chewy lollies and many others.

I think that children should not eat lollies, because they could end up with a bad disease called diabetes. You can get diabetes when  you  eat too many lollies and you can get really really fat too.

Lollies can be cheap but when you eat them they can make kids hyper and it could also affect their behavior. When you get hyper you have very bad behaviour at home or school and you get crazy a little. You get hyped because their too much sugar in lollies and you eat too much of it.

Lollies are very very bad to eat especially when you eat lots. They can also rotten your teeth. Your teeth will get black and they will fall out. Then you   will have to go to the dentist  and waste a lot of your money on your teeth.

If you are sick or when you are sick  by eating lollies it is really really bad. You will miss out on doing fun things with your family and not going to school to learn. Also you could even go to hospital if it got extremely bad.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Report Writing

There are people that eat too much. They eat lot of junk food, sugar, salt, and drink fizzy drinks. They have lack of exercise too. People die young from obesity.

Fact: Did you know that seven hundred and fifty pounds is a lot? That is 350 kilos and weighs over 50 stone. In America they make larger coffins for obese people.

In America they have the fattest people. NZ has the third fattest. Their lifestyle is sedentary, that means they might sit around  and do nothing besides move their arms. They have a bad diet,  have a major health problems, and if they ran for 5 minutes they would be short of breath.

Obese people can get bad diseases. Such as heart attacks, Diabetes, skin diseases, and they can die at an early age.

I suggest obese people should eat less, eat  healthy food and do lot’s of exercise.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What really in our food (Eggs)

Report about Eggs

They put six hens per cage. The cage is on an angle so

that the eggs can roll down. Because if they roll down it will make their job easier. If they don’t roll down it will be hard for them to grab the eggs.

Free range hens live differently to other hens.They get to flap their wings, run around, stretch, and eat grass and chicken feed.

Fact; Did you know that New Zealanders can eat up to 920,000,000 eggs per year?  The eggs come mostly from caged hens.

Fact; Did you know cooked eggs has more protein than raw eggs and the protein is mostly in the yolk.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Holiday Highlights

Every Saturday morning I have to wake up early and get ready for my rugby game. I play for Pt England Marist. In the holidays there was this Saturday when we was vs Papatoetoe. Arriving  at the fields with our team. We warmed up and while we were still warming up there was some bad news. Our coach said Papatoetoe will not make it because they did not have enough players. The good news was we were still going to play but we was vs our own team mate. So our coach split our team in half and then we played.

The whistle blew and my team was kicking. There goes a high ball waiting to be caught. They scored the first try so then we kicked again after 10 minute later it was half-time. Second half has started then my team started scoring try and at the end of the game we have lost but we all had fun but still that was a good game our coach said. After we got changed we got some fruit and a drink.

3 Healthy Sandwiches

3 Healthy sandwiches

Sandwich 1 White Bread with mayo, lettuce. Chicken, and Tomato.

Sandwich 2 Brown bread with bacon, eggs and lettuce.

Sandwich 3 Pita bread with tuna, mayo, tomato and Salt and pepper

On Thursday 9th of May a very famous person from the black eye peas called came to Pt England School. When he told Pt England School he donated one hundred thousand dollars to the Manaiakalani I was so amazed even when I saw him he donated one hundred thousand to Manaiakalani because online work.

When he was talking to Pt England School he was talking about his self and how he grew up and where. He said he grew up without his dad  he lived in East Los Angeles and he said his family was very very poor. After all his talking it was time for the pounamu then the hip hop.

I was looking ford to the hip hop group when they started their dance the music went off so they started again. They were dancing in front of and Pt England school if I was dancing I would of been nervous. When they started dancing I was amazed of their performance at the end of their dance  the special assembly was finished. even got a chance to go to some cases.

What I felt about seeing is it was so cool and amazing and I wish if I could be famous just like Will.iam.