Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There was this one day at school, it had been a day like most other days. I Focused really hard on my maths and played hard on the rugby field and Mr Marks hadn’t growled at me all day. But that was about to change.

At 3:00 clock just after the bell went everyone had disappeared home asept Lorenzo, Jesse and Frankie stayed behind without anyone permission.  Jesse had showed us a lighter that he had so  we went to the toilets where room 15 is. Just before that I pulled out my homework paper that I forgot to hand it in

After that Jesse gave the lighter to Frankie wile I was holding the paper. Then we started to burn the paper Frankie had nearly burnt my hand. So then I chucked the paper on the ground and started to stand on it

Then lucky we still had a little bit of paper left so we started to burn it But then a parent walk pass and saw that we was playing with lighter she had then told Mr Marks and then we all got snap

The next day later we went to Mr Burt to sort it out had checked if anything was burnt. Then he talked to our parents But at the end lucky the school was not burnt. And we was all sorry and it wont happen again.a

Monday, October 21, 2013

All I wan't For Christmas

This morning I read a book called all I want for christmas. It was about a girl horse named Misty and a girl named Ella that lived on a farm. Misty was acting sick and Ella and her dad tried so hard to make Misty better.

Ella was feeling really sad as Misty was not getting any better and that Ella thought the worse that Misty was going to die. Then she went to school and she said that day was the worse day ever and she breathed on the bus window and wrote Misty. When she got home Misty didn’t lift her head up to see her.

The next day after school Ella  saw that Misty was not under the tree where she always is, instead Misty was in the middle of a circle of cows. Then as Ella couldn’t go any further she looked closely and saw that Misty had a baby horse.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Literacy Four shot Movie

I am throwing a rugby ball in the air then I pass the ball to Uill. then Uill kicks the ball up in the air then I catch it. But then it a banana.