Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia

All groups were sitting patiently waiting to go up, group after group performing  we all waited for our turn. Crowds clapping and yelling for their kids there were over 2,000 people who attended to watch the event, Spectating with adults upto the age of 70 and some kids from different schools

Getting closer two more groups until the Niuean group. Standing up going to wait on the side of the stage after the jump jam performance it was time for us. 

"From the small oceans in the pacific  the Niuean bring the heart and soul to  the stage."

The music started for our entrance I was the leader so then I had to run first into the middle of the stage then the rest of the boys came on. When I was on the stage I could hear people YELLING and  CHEERING. Then the conch shell was blown.Then I did the lead.

We started first we did the hopo, the girls did their dance and all the boys ended it with the haka also I was leading. After the performance we all was confidence and did our best and we felt proud of ourselves  and also our parents.

What I felt about fia fia that everybody had fun and did their best and made their parents proud of them.