Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Weekend

Wow what day at the pools. On Sunday I went to the pools with my auntie and my two cousin. Don’t get me started when I when we got there. I walked in and saw lots of kids having fun.

I wanted to jump in but I had to go to toilets and get change then I could jump in. So I quickly got change and walked to the out side pool as fast as I could.

When I jumped in it was freezing cold but I got use to it. I started to swim and I was racing my cousin but he won. After a couple of hours we got out and got ready to leave.

I felt happy at the end After a day at the pool.

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  1. Hi Lorenzo

    What a great story you write down in your story.
    About you going to the pools with your cousin and
    auntie. Did you have fun at the pools with your cousin and auntie.
    So was it so fun when you were racing your cousin in the big pool.

    You should keep on posting on your blog so you can have some comment on your blog.