Thursday, May 23, 2013


Report Writing

There are people that eat too much. They eat lot of junk food, sugar, salt, and drink fizzy drinks. They have lack of exercise too. People die young from obesity.

Fact: Did you know that seven hundred and fifty pounds is a lot? That is 350 kilos and weighs over 50 stone. In America they make larger coffins for obese people.

In America they have the fattest people. NZ has the third fattest. Their lifestyle is sedentary, that means they might sit around  and do nothing besides move their arms. They have a bad diet,  have a major health problems, and if they ran for 5 minutes they would be short of breath.

Obese people can get bad diseases. Such as heart attacks, Diabetes, skin diseases, and they can die at an early age.

I suggest obese people should eat less, eat  healthy food and do lot’s of exercise.

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  1. Hi Lorenzo. I enjoyed reading your write up on obesity. It was good that you backed up your blog with good facts. Researching facts and adding it to support your statements is always a good thing to do. Good job!