Friday, September 21, 2012

Mini Olympic

On Thursday we had a mini Olympic day there was 16 countries and 7 events and I was in Spain. It was the most exciting  day and as you know our topic this term is go for gold. When I saw the 7 events I wanted to just run to an event but we had to watch out for the little kids.

The first event that spain went to was the ultimate frisbee. we won the game but we all had fun next we went to touch we was versing Sweden we have won that game too after touch we went to rounders with Miss Garden. if you do not know how to play rounders it is sort of like softball but you are kicking. After that we had morning tea once we finished the day we all went back to class. My favourite event was  sitting volleyball.

At the end It was an funday. People likes to win but it does not matter if you lose it matter if you  joined in the game and go for gold and have fun.

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