Monday, May 26, 2014

What makes sound

A world without sound would be very strange and silent.We wouldn't be able to enjoy music and people will find it difficult to communicate it would  be boring.Sound helps us in many different ways. But what is sound?

Hitting an object makes an echoing sound which will ricochet off the object. This vibration is what makes the sound. It vibrates the air  molecule in all directions then travels into the ear. Once it reaches the eardrum it vibrates and changes into electric signal. Then sends the electric signal to the brain.

When sound is a low pitch sound how does it changes to an high pitch sound. So when the sound wave vibrates slow that is an pitch low sound and when it vibrates fast it is an high pitch sound. Frequency to measure sound herz sound wave second.

Sound is an important thing to our body and it will be sad to live without sound

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