Thursday, June 12, 2014

Samoan launuge week

Entering the hall i saw a sign across the stage saying “Taufu mau i au measina. I wondered to myself what does it mean. The school was in the hall for the launch of samoan language week Guess who was their?  Sam The minister of parliament to launch the samoan language week

Announcing that school was going to sing three National Anthem English, Maori and the Samoan I was surprised. following the words i was struggling to sing the samoan national anthem

Walking onto the stage looking proud was the samoan pre schoolers to perform. The boys wa wearing vibrant puletasi and the boys was wearing --------------  they had patterns flower and some had feather. Some of the kids was stage fright and some was confident they was also all entertaining.  After their performance it was time for the Pt England samoan group I knew they was going to be exciting to watch.

Clapping with excitement the performance started to begin. it was a strong start to the end. My best part of the samoan group was when the boys did the samoan haka it was loud they was  confident and really exciting to watch.

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