Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Entering the hall to immersion assembly I sat down watching performance after performance. I hoped that I was going to enjoy team 4 or 5 performance Welcome onto the stage, give it up for  team five.  As they were walking onto the stage they knew that they had to entertained the students. They Pulled out the noticed board and started painting as fast as they could. As I saw them painting they were steady strokes  blobs and dabbed.

When they finished painting i did not know what they had painted because it was up side down. Then they turn the pitcher around and it was a pitcher of Mr Jacobson, Mrs Jarlman and Mr Burt. They even drew the pitcher upside down I thought that was cool and the art work.  

Watching team 5s performance was really fun. My favourite painting was Mrs Jarlman because it looked skillfully painted and really effective.As team 5s performance came to an end. Mr Burt wanted to say a prayer.

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