Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Every Thursday we go to badminton with Ms M after morning tea. Donna was teaching us how to hit the shuttle and serve the shuttle. Donna showed us some cool games like soccer and mini badminton. First we played the soccer game. You have to bat the shuttle to the other person and if he miss and it goes through the two cones that was on the side you get a point.

Next we played the game mini badminton. There was two mini badminton games. One was for the girls and the other one was for the boys. It was two on two. Me and Antonio was team mates, we versed the other team. They served the ball how Donna showed them to serve the ball. When I was about to hit the shuttle I aimed where I was going to hit the shuttle but they won. The next time we versed them me and Antonio won.

Yesterday we played 5 big badminton games. There was three mini badminton games and one big one. On the three small ones you had to do back hand and the second you have to do fore hand and on the third one you have to do side hand and on the big badminton court you could hit it which ever way you wanted to. This time it was me and Howard, we played on the big badminton court first. We swapped to the next one then we just did the same thing.

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