Friday, September 16, 2011

Cross Country

Did you know on Wednesday we had cross country? It was long, hard and uneven. We went for a walk, so that we would know the track when we run the real cross country.

We had an early lunch so we would be on time. The race started down at the Pt England reserve. The 11 years old ran first. We never ran at the same time because we all might trip up and might get hurt. Then the 10 years old ran and the 9 years old ran last.

There were some intermediate students that held up signs and told us where to go. When I was running I heard some of them saying “go Lorenzo, go Lorenzo”. I was running and It smelt. Some people thought it was dangerous but I never thought it wasn't dangerous for me.

I made it to the bridge and gave up. I was walking all the way because I gave up. I saw bushes trees and big logs.

When I saw Mr Mark he was saying “go Lorenzo go Lorenzo, you can do it”, but I just kept on walking and he was still saying “go Lorenzo go Lorenzo”. I picked up a stick and walk all the way.

When I got to the end I felt happy because the race was over for me. I wasn't still fit though.

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