Thursday, November 1, 2012

Robbery at the shops

In the morning Miss Floval ask John politely can you please  go to the Pt England shops to buy a bread and milk for the breakfast club I replied yes. Then she gave John a ten dollar note expecting me to come back with a five dollar note. On his way to the shops something was wrong the alarm went off very loudly that made me run so quickly to the shops to see what was happening.

When John got at the shops there was an robbery 2 men dressed in black. With and black mask they  was holding guns Frightening  the shopkeeper John knew he had to do something. So he got out his cell phone and called 111  told the cops  there is an robbery at the Pt England shops. The Strangers  quickly hopped in the car with  bags filled with money and got away.

When The cops arrived at the Pt England shops John told the cops what he had seen. John said the robbers was frightening the shopkeeper holding a gun to her head and wile the other robber was filling up the bag with money. 2 days later the cops has found the robbers that was robbing the Pt England shops and got 8 years in jail.

After the robbers went to jail John felt proud of his self for helping the cops the cops would have not found the robbers if John did not help them. Then John ran back to school and told Miss Floval that there was an robbery and she did not believe me she said no you're lieing but at the end of the day there was an robbery.

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