Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Auckland Champs Softball

Yes yes we are going to Auckland Champs  All softball boys said. Waiting painterly in two Pt England  vans  Miss Vaafusuaga and Mr Somerville was driving down to Wesley Intermediate because we was playing there. Arriving at the Wesley intermediate  fields I saw  other schools  already practising.

After putting my bag down I went to get me a glove ready to practice. We had two coach Mr Somerville and Dylan after practising we had to wait to the school to come. Then a lady came and said the school that we was versing  were not coming.

Out threw whole day we had lost all our games the last game. We nearly won but then the siren went off and they was in the lead by one and that how they beat us. We came six out of eight school but two schools did not turn up.

At least we made it this far and we all went and had fun.


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