Friday, May 31, 2013

Children should not eat lollies


These are what kind of lollies you can buy and eat.
Jelly beans,  Bubble gum, chocolate bars like twix mars bar and snickers, lollipops, candy floss, pineapple lumps, chewy lollies and many others.

I think that children should not eat lollies, because they could end up with a bad disease called diabetes. You can get diabetes when  you  eat too many lollies and you can get really really fat too.

Lollies can be cheap but when you eat them they can make kids hyper and it could also affect their behavior. When you get hyper you have very bad behaviour at home or school and you get crazy a little. You get hyped because their too much sugar in lollies and you eat too much of it.

Lollies are very very bad to eat especially when you eat lots. They can also rotten your teeth. Your teeth will get black and they will fall out. Then you   will have to go to the dentist  and waste a lot of your money on your teeth.

If you are sick or when you are sick  by eating lollies it is really really bad. You will miss out on doing fun things with your family and not going to school to learn. Also you could even go to hospital if it got extremely bad.  

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  1. Hey Lorenzo,

    Your right they do get diabetes and can it really cause someone going to hospital. Anyway, thanks for reminding me what diabetes does.

    From Antonio