Friday, May 10, 2013

On Thursday 9th of May a very famous person from the black eye peas called came to Pt England School. When he told Pt England School he donated one hundred thousand dollars to the Manaiakalani I was so amazed even when I saw him he donated one hundred thousand to Manaiakalani because online work.

When he was talking to Pt England School he was talking about his self and how he grew up and where. He said he grew up without his dad  he lived in East Los Angeles and he said his family was very very poor. After all his talking it was time for the pounamu then the hip hop.

I was looking ford to the hip hop group when they started their dance the music went off so they started again. They were dancing in front of and Pt England school if I was dancing I would of been nervous. When they started dancing I was amazed of their performance at the end of their dance  the special assembly was finished. even got a chance to go to some cases.

What I felt about seeing is it was so cool and amazing and I wish if I could be famous just like Will.iam.

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