Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What If I Could Fly

What if I could fly?

One day I woke up and something seemed strange. It felt like I had wings sticking out of my back.  So then I got up and went to look in the mirror. I couldn’t  believe what I could see with my own eyes! It was  true  that I had  wings so that meant I could fly.

Then I went back to my bed and just sat down. I was thinking what I was going to do.
Then I got back up and went to my drawer and found a super t-shirt that had my name on it. So then I put it on and as soon as I put it on, I went outside and looked to see if there were any people outside. I went to the back yard and tried to fly. I couldn’t believe it when I left the ground and I was up in the air.

As soon as I got up I went back down and went back inside and got some normal black working  clothes on. I went back to the back yard again and I went off flying through the sky  and went to different places.

It would make things easier for me if I could fly to school. That would be the the best day of my life. Also I could save people lives. I could maybe even save the people on a plane if it was about to crash but lucky I would be there to save it.

I went to the Sky Tower and went around it and then I left and went to this place out of nowhere I didn’t know where was I tried my best to find the way back to the sky tower and then when I turned around i could see the sky tower because it was so tall.

When I was flying back I could see these two ladies in trouble I went down and help them get their hand bags back off this man that was trying to rob them I went after him and got it back for the two ladies that were in trouble.

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