Monday, October 21, 2013

All I wan't For Christmas

This morning I read a book called all I want for christmas. It was about a girl horse named Misty and a girl named Ella that lived on a farm. Misty was acting sick and Ella and her dad tried so hard to make Misty better.

Ella was feeling really sad as Misty was not getting any better and that Ella thought the worse that Misty was going to die. Then she went to school and she said that day was the worse day ever and she breathed on the bus window and wrote Misty. When she got home Misty didn’t lift her head up to see her.

The next day after school Ella  saw that Misty was not under the tree where she always is, instead Misty was in the middle of a circle of cows. Then as Ella couldn’t go any further she looked closely and saw that Misty had a baby horse.

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