Friday, August 1, 2014



Walking to the court looking forward to our new kiwi sports. arriving at the court i saw soccer balls which made me think our new kiwi sport is soccer. The soccer teacher said her name was Sophia and she was from Argentina she said to us with a croaky voice “ Sit down we are getting started with  our first lesson”, she sounded like Manu from Mkr because her english was not good.

Warming up with a game she handed out yellow and blue bibs out to half of the class and tuck them on the side of there shorts. The people with no bibs have to try and take the bibs off the people that do have bibs.

Running  around the court protecting my bib finally someone took my bib i was puffing deeply. quickly ran to get me a bib finally the whistle was blown and i did not have any bibs.

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