Friday, August 1, 2014


With no reluctance, the diver balanced herself steadily on the edge of the platform. Getting ready to attempt her dive, she had a concentrated look on her face, The crowd was quiet and she was focused on only her jump. She leapt off with great might and started with a mid air piked somersault, followed by a twist. She plunged into the water entering as straight as a nail.  

Diving is a sport of jumping off a platform or simply falling into the water or a launching yourself off a  springboard while performing acrobatics Diving is internationally identified as a aquatic sport in the Olympics. This sport one of the most popular olympic sports with spectators. Most common |competitors require the same characteristics as gymnasts and dancers including strength and flexibility. Some professional divers were originally dancers or gymnasts.

In 1904 diving was introduced into the Olympics. Later on they  then added in ‘Fancy Diving’” (more complicated manoeuvres) Most diving competitions consist of 1m or 3m springboard dives as well as a 10m platform dive  but in the olympic games 1m diving are not a part of the sport. All contestants have to perform a set number of dives according to the requirements.

When jumping off either the springboard or platform, the competitors will have to keep their feet always together, When judging the judge, they brake the judging into 3 parts which are 1:Take off(jumping off the platform) 2:Flight(The maneuvers pulled off in the air) 3:Entry(The amount of splash). The entry cannot have a big splash or they will be out.
Each contestant has to perform

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