Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maud Island frogs

Maud Island frogs are native to New Zealand and it is very different to other frogs.

Maud Island frogs live on Maud Is
land in Marlborough sounds.These frogs like damp places like under big logs and rocks. They don’t live in water like most frogs, but in the bush up steep hills.

Maud Island frogs eat larvae,worms,beetles,and other insect. They pounce on it prey and scoops it into it hands and put it in their mouth fast. That how they catch their food they don’t catch their food like normal frogs.

Do you know what Maud Island frogs does? Well it doesn't croak, catch flies with their tongue and live in water as normal frogs does. But it does none of the things that normal frogs do.

Maud Island frogs predators are lizards.But the main problem is when a lot of rat came and brought a bad disease and the Maud Island frogs was trying to chase the rat away but the disease was on them already and most of the Maud Island frogs got extinct.

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