Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marking My Paragraph

This bright yellow painting of sunflowers was painted by Vincent Van Gogh It was about 73 to 92 centimeters  big. It was well known in 1888 and it was painted with oil paint.

The lines on Vincent Van Gogh painting was very very  thick and bold not normal lines. So he had to spend lots of money on paint. That’s mean he was starving because he no money  to buy food.

The way that I think of Vincent Van Goghs painting of sunflowers is it is very bright and happy for people around the world. When I look at it it reminds me of happiness and bright colors. What I don’t like  about his painting is the paint is very very thick and bumpy.

I think he never painted the sunflowers for fun. He painted the sunflowers for his friend that was coming over and his name was Paul Gauguin. Because
his walls looked  empty so he decided to decorate and draw sunflowers that’s why I think he drawn the sunflowers.

What I think about Vincent Van Gogh's artwork. I think it looks amazing and cool so that what I think about Vincent Van Gogh artwork.

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