Thursday, May 3, 2012

Van Gogh

Do you know some things about Vincent Van Gogh?

Well I know little bit of him because I been learning about Vincent Van Gogh for the last two weeks at school.

Vincent Van Gogh is a really really famous  guy for his artwork. Because he sold one painting of his for 4 million dollars that why he is famous.

Vincent Van Gogh had a sad life. Did you know he chopped his ear off to give it to his girlfriend. But his girlfriend did not like it. Would you chopped your ear off and give it to your girlfriend.

What I think about of Vincent Van Goghs life  it is very very sad. Because chopped his ear.

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  1. Hey Lorenzo

    Its Antonio I really love your story and you writing has all the things that makes a paragraph, And awesome photos, next time add a little bit more detail please.

    To Lorenzo

    From Antonio