Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

Kevin the touch rugby coach was teaching us new techniques and explaining how to play. Everyone was excited and wanted to play but Kevin did not say the rules yet. These rules were completely different the rules where you are able to do ford passes like Gridiron and you only get two touches.

Finally room 21 got a chance to play touch rugby sport. First Kevin put us into four equal groups. Before we played a game we learned a new drill. It called draw and pass. Draw and pass is one of the easiest ways to score a try.

After the drill was finished, we played a game. How you play this game is. Kevin will call 3 defenders and 4 attackers and the attackers will try to score a try by draw an pass. Once we finished we went back to class.

I think touch rugby is it is cool and fun to play with your friends and family because it a easy sport to play and not to ruff.


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