Monday, August 6, 2012

What I did in the weekend

 In the weekend I went to my rugby league game at Liston park against Hibiscus Coast. When we arrived at the field we warm up for our game and when the other team came the game was about to start. They were kicking off to us and I caught the ball and I took the first run up. Then I got tackled and I played the  ball. Then my team mates pass it to the wing and Aaron in my team got an runaway try because we worked as a team. Then my other team member got the conversion over and we was in the lead.

Then it was halftime and we was winning them halftime is over and we swooped sides and this time it  was our turn to kick off to the other team. And then they ran it up and we tackled them and they was nearly to the try line and they gotta try then they missed the conversion and it was 32 to 4. Then we came down to a win.

At the end of the game my team had snake from my teammate mum. Then I got change and ate my snack and then we went with my aunt to my cousin game at manarewer.

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